Spark! Wellness is a consortium of health and wellness practitioners based in New York City. We provide services in nutritional counseling, yoga, fitness, and acupuncture to New Yorkers who want to look and feel their very best.  E-mail us to book an appointment with any of our practitioners or visit our website for more information.



Hadley Seward

Hadley works with women around the country who eat emotionally or recovering from eating disorders.  Through her unique program, clients learn to eat intuitively, listen to their bodies, and call off the war with their bodies. Hadley is a certified health coach with additional training in the psychology of eating.  Click here for more information about working with Hadley. Click here for read what others have to say about her.


Veronica Farje

Veronica specializes in realigning patterns of movement as a means to strengthen the whole being, releasing patterns that no longer serve, and building physical and mental strength to move beyond current limitations. Veronica has experience working with populations ranging from elite athletes to the elderly. Click here for more information about Veronica through her personal training, yoga/pilates, or massage therapy programs.