The farmer’s market is my most favorite summertime food haunt. I am always excited to see what will appear week by week. We’re in lettuces and strawberries right now, but I know not to get too attached and instead delight in developing my menus right there as the veggies and fruits direct.

That said…it was really cold until late last week and I found myself eating three bean chili. Now here we are in full blown summer, but not quite full blown harvest. So, I’ve taken to reading the Traders Joe’s newsletter. Yes, really. Believe it or not this practice lurches me out of meal ruts and moves me along with the seasons when the farmer’s market is less than bountiful.

In the current TJ’s issue: baby watermelons! I don’t even like watermelon, or thought I didn’t. But watermelon really performs when paired with some mint and oregano from my dad’s garden and some feta crumbled in the mix. This simple summer salad is very cooling. You can save a little of your watermelon and mint to add to your water jug for cooling on the go.

Mangoes are also prominently featured in everything from salsa to salads to ice cream. I like frozen mango for my morning smoothie. Sometimes I’ll mix in half a banana, other times some berries. Rose water and soy yogurt with mango makes for a lassi-like treat that fuels my morning.

Summertime also means play time and rest time. I’ll be here, but with a lighter schedule. Please let me know if you’re journeying so we can plan our time.

Stay cool and be well!

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