I took a yoga class with two friends and we had a great practice. Afterwards one friend said that she was surprised that she had benefited from the class as she had not expected much from that particular teacher. The other friend said just the opposite, that she had expected that the class would be great because of that particular teacher. I just complained about the weather.

When we’re attached to our expectations we can miss what is happening. My two friends and I are yoga practitioners, so we were able to experience the class and let the teacher’s offering move us. Even though we came to the mat with bias or preoccupation (and apparently left the mat that way too), for the hour we practiced we were able to let go and be with what is. Then the smokescreen of attachment came back.

Yoga is now. It is being where we are without judgment. It is easy to become attached both to negative and positive feelings, but that distracts us from experiencing the present moment. When we live in our yoga we can blow the smoke away with an exhale and clear space for the next breath in.

Most of our attachments are bigger than whether or not a yoga class will be good or not. Many of my friends are hurting right now from loss of relationships, of jobs, of health, but as hard and real as all that is, it is smoke and will also dissipate. Yoga doesn’t mean being complacent or inactive. It means letting go of what happened (it’s over and can’t be changed) and what you think is going to happen (that is a story) so that you can see clearly and get on with what is at your hand to act upon.

We’re acting with precision and extra kindness this month. So if you’re in class and think you have to use the heaviest or the lightest weights, try to let that go and meet yourself where you really are at that moment. A big exhalation can clear the smoke so you can see.

Be well!


PLEASE NOTE: I will be away for Halloween, Saturday October 31st and Sunday, November 1st. I will post subs soon at www.sparkyourwellness.com.

Practicing non attachment and being present. Moving with precision and kindness.

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We’ll be continuing our work on the hips, feeling the ground, staying low, and maintaining focus.

Light and medium weights are back this month after the heavy lifting of September. That doesn’t mean we take it easy-we still have work to do-rather that we find the appropriate tool for each movement.

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