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It’s back!

We are so excited to share some really big news with you: due to popular demand, we’ve brought back our January cleanse and this time, you have more options to chose from than ever before.

We asked you to tell us what you wanted and we eagerly listened. And what you kept telling us was that you wanted to drop some extra holiday weight.

You wanted to clear up skin problems and digestion issues.

You wanted to have more energy, clear-thinking, and more balance in your daily diet.

And above all, you wanted to find a way to do all that that fit your specific lifestyle.

So we are super excited to share with you that we have taken your requests to heart and have come up with a detox plan that will fit pretty much any lifestyle for anyone who is determined to spark their health, their well-being, and set on the path to reaching their ideal weight.


(5, 10, and 15 day detoxes)

3 different detox plans that are designed to give you the level of gentle cleansing that you are most comfortable with.

REBOOT is our 5-day detox that is easy to fit into even the busiest of lifestyles. In just 5 days you can Reboot your system and clean up your eating after the hectic holiday season. We launched this program in September and our participants were delighted by the ease of slipping this detox into their daily routine and raved about the results they achieved. (January 11 – 15)

RECHARGE takes the 5-day Reboot and doubles it to 10-days, giving you more time to truly recharge your nutrition, health, and metabolism for incredible results. This is our most popular detox and has a community of raving fans. (January 16 – 25)

RENEW is for those of you who feel ready to commit optimal health. This 15-day detox is for anyone who wants to take that next step toward helping their body heal and rejuvenate. We recommend this cleanse for people who have done either our Reboot or Recharge detox before (or are very familiar with clean eating and/or detoxing) and want to get back into nourishing, balanced, and sustainable healthy eating going forward. (January 16 – 30)

All of our cleansing programs are designed to help you refocus, re-energize, and renew your commitment to your health and nutrition goals.

Ready to commit? Click to register for either REBOOT, RECHARGE, OR RENEW and receive special early-bird discounts!

How do you know if one of our detoxes is right for you?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you can use a Reboot, Recharge, or Renew:

* Less energy than you’d like
* Difficulty getting up in the morning
* Skin problems (blemishes or rashes)
* Constipation
* Extra weight you’d like to get rid of
* Allergies
* Aches and pains

What can you expect to eat?

All of our programs require that you eat clean, whole, real foods. Unlike other “fad detoxes,” you’ll be EATING! No starvation cleanses here. Check out a sample menu here.

Benefits of these detoxes include:

* Reducing inflammation in the body caused by hidden food allergies or sensitivities
* Taking a break from addictive and toxic foods that are difficult to digest
* Boosting your energy and mental clarity
* Taking your metabolism to the next level
* Losing “fluff” weight from unwanted water retention
* Improving your digestion and relief from many digestive issues
* Boosting your immune system for the winter ahead
* Launching you into healthier, more nourishing eating habits and breaking the cycle of unhealthy eating

What do the Reboot, Recharge, and Renew programs include?

* 5, 10, or 15 days of step-by-step instructions and private online group forum support
* A detailed packet that includes menus, grocery lists, and delicious recipes
* Ongoing support from Andrea & Hadley, so you’re never alone through your detox experience

Ready to commit? Click to register for either REBOOT, RECHARGE, OR RENEW and receive special early-bird discounts!

Why participate in a group cleanse?

By rebooting in a supportive group setting, you’re never on your own. You’ll have access to your group forum and two certified health coaches for any questions that might come up. Use the forum to share recipes, ask questions, and give and receive support from other forum members.


All pricing below reflects a $10 early-bird discount. Register by 12/31 to receive these deals.

5-day Reboot: $40 ($50 after 12/31)

10-day Recharge: $75 ($85 after 12/31)

15-day Renew: $90 ($100 after 12/31)

Additional discounts:

Are you a current or former Spark client or cleanse participant? Take $5 off
Are you a health practitioner? Take $5 off.
Are you a blogger who will blog about your cleanse experience? Take $5 off.

Have questions? Want to know more?

Join us for our free, live teleclass on January 4 at 8p EST, where you can have all of your questions answered by Hadley and Andrea. We will be discussing the benefits of cleansing and what you can expect from each cleanse level.
CLICK HERE to register for the call.

Ready to commit? Click to register for either REBOOT, RECHARGE, OR RENEW and receive special early-bird discounts!

Check out what past cleanse participants have said about Spark’s detoxes:

“I’m not a health nut and had never done anything like this before. Luckily, the cleanse was set up to make detoxing super easy – having constant support from Hadley and Andrea made all the difference.”

“This cleanse was absolutely one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The online support was more helpful than I had ever anticipated. I would highly recommend this cleanse to anyone.”

“My joint pain became almost non-existent, my energy level was through the roof and I felt clear headed and happy! This cleanse was definitely worth every penny.”

“I realized, the best testimonial I can give is telling you how I feel. In a word – amazing. I cannot believe how much more energy I have. I feel lighter, and my exercising habits have improved. I’m incredibly grateful.”


  • 1/2 of a fresh lemon squeezed into a cup of warm water
  • 2 capsules liver support herbs or milk thistle extract
  • 250 – 400 mg magnesium citrate


  • Warming Quinoa Porridge OR brown rice toast with almond butter and flax seed


  • 1/2 cup of brown rice
  • 2 cups steamed vegetables topped with Asian Tahini Dressing OR Large salad with your choice of vegetables from the “foods to enjoy” list, topped with olive oil, lemon juice, and sea salt


  • 1/2 cup Carrot Millet
  • 2 cups Easy Celery Sauté
  • 6 ounces Ideal Dill Fish OR Tofu Scramble
  • 2 capsules liver support herbs or milk thistle extract
  • 250 – 400 mg magnesium citrate

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