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Three Poses, One Oil: A Yin and Restorative Yoga Workshop

Saturday February 29th from 430-630pm
at Reflections Yoga, 227 East 24th Street (2nd and 3rd Aves)

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In this workshop we will stretch connective tissue and muscle in a gentle and supportive manner that will allow deep relaxation. We will use blankets, bolsters, and blocks to help us hold each pose.

You will learn three easy sequences, each comprised of three poses. Each sequence will be paired with an essential oil. There will be time for questions to make sure you can integrate this work into your own practice.

Come as you are. No experience is necessary. We will be seated or lying down on a yoga mat for the entire practice. 


Yoga Classes

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Can’t get enough relaxation? I am teaching Chill Yoga at Exhale Central Park South. Join me on Sundays from 615-715pm. Classes are $39 or try a new student special: 3 classes for $79. I also sub Power and Flow yoga at all Exhale locations. Check the website for dates and locations.


Try a Myofascial massage comprised of compressions, stretches, and deep tissue release. Or restore with a Swedish or deep tissue session. Click HERE for more information.


November 11th, 2018 5-7pm at Reflections 227 East 24th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)

Decompress your whole being!

Get ready for the holiday season by unwinding and giving yourself the gift of space. We will explore spaciousness in the breath, physical, and mental bodies through pranayama (breath exercises), yin and restorative yoga poses, and partner exercises. Aromatherapy oils will be used throughout the practice.



This workshop is for all levels. Each posture will be customized. All props will be provided. Come as you are.

Advance registration is required. $40 for 2-hour workshop ($45 day of event if space is available).

Questions? Contact:

Is it?

I fought the winter for years! Then I gave in and just complained alot. Now I like to embrace what I can. I’ve made a truce. My fighting and running and complaining and, yes, whining about the cold weather did not serve as a shield to keep me safe and warm. All of that behavior just consumed me with thoughts about the cold. It kept me down.

How does a truce manifest?

For me it was a reframing. What could I effectively change about my circumstances: a super warm (although ugly) sleeping bag of a coat; better (even uglier) boots; and sometimes an unlimited metrocard.

What else could I change? Well, no amount of my New York whine could stop the cold-just the invitations! So I set out to reframe my nemesis as a wonderland of loveliness. This is not the same as lying. In fact it is the opposite. It is finding truths that existed all along, but that I was blind to due to my preconceptions.

A practice FOR SURE.

It has been many years now that I have been casting my winter wonderland spell. I still whine-its New York baby! But this practice has definitely made facing the long dark much more manageable and dare I say …

Wishing you all the most wonderful of winter wonderlands!

Light, Love, Magic, and Peace!!!

Be well.



What’s Happening?

Classes and sessions are cancelled on December 25th and January 1st.

January is heating up: Stay tuned for special editions of Candlelight Slow Flow Yoga and massage therapy sessions with customized essential oil blends.

February workshops: Look forward to Stretches for Shoulder, Neck, and Back, and Yin Yoga Primer

March: The Fitness Reboot returns!





Ok…I get it. It’s hard to make it to the gym, especially when it’s so nice outside. Please enjoy the summer! I understand. Fitness can be taken outdoors and into everyday activities. The warmth and sunshine might be giving you an extra energy boost. Use it!

Instead of taking the subway all the way home or all the way to work, walk one stop instead. This will add about half a mile of walking to your day. Do it at either end of your commute and you have four opportunities for bursts of activity that also give you alone time and head space.

Did you know that there is free kayaking on the Hudson River? Not only is this so much fun you might want to buy your own boat, it is great exercise.

How about biking? I recently joined CitiBike. I am a terrible biker, but it is fun to be riding along in the sun. The nice thing about bike share is not having to worry about your bike when you change your mind and decide you want to follow a distraction…

…like getting on the ferry to Governors Island! Anyway, you can pick up a bike when you get there. Biking along the waterfront you’ll enjoy not only the ride, but the views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Statue of Liberty. There are also big hills to climb for more amazing views and of course for the exercise.

Have you located your swimsuit? Take it out. Put it on—or go shopping for a new one. Chances are it doesn’t fit the same way as before. Don’t beat yourself up. Along with your walking a stop here and there every day, give back a little at each meal. Put one scoop back as you are serving yourself. Chances are you won’t miss these little givebacks, but they will add up. Don’t skip a meal—you need your energy.  Just make sure that what you’re eating counts.

Need a massage after all of your outdoor adventures? I have some dates available.

There have been a few class changes. I’m subbing a few classes here and there. I am teaching yoga in Panama City at the end of August. Stay tuned for schedule of teachers covering my classes August 27th-September 3rd. Check the website for all updates.

Be well and stay active!


The farmer’s market is my most favorite summertime food haunt. I am always excited to see what will appear week by week. We’re in lettuces and strawberries right now, but I know not to get too attached and instead delight in developing my menus right there as the veggies and fruits direct.

That said…it was really cold until late last week and I found myself eating three bean chili. Now here we are in full blown summer, but not quite full blown harvest. So, I’ve taken to reading the Traders Joe’s newsletter. Yes, really. Believe it or not this practice lurches me out of meal ruts and moves me along with the seasons when the farmer’s market is less than bountiful.

In the current TJ’s issue: baby watermelons! I don’t even like watermelon, or thought I didn’t. But watermelon really performs when paired with some mint and oregano from my dad’s garden and some feta crumbled in the mix. This simple summer salad is very cooling. You can save a little of your watermelon and mint to add to your water jug for cooling on the go.

Mangoes are also prominently featured in everything from salsa to salads to ice cream. I like frozen mango for my morning smoothie. Sometimes I’ll mix in half a banana, other times some berries. Rose water and soy yogurt with mango makes for a lassi-like treat that fuels my morning.

Summertime also means play time and rest time. I’ll be here, but with a lighter schedule. Please let me know if you’re journeying so we can plan our time.

Stay cool and be well!

Summer Happenings

Three Poses, One Oil
Learn how a home practice as simple as three poses a day can help you relieve movement restrictions and lead to greater flexibility. This yin yoga primer is available as a private session or as a group workshop.
Click here for details.

Myofascial Massage
Slow deep work to increase range of motion in the joints and give the muscles room to unwind. Not for you? Click here for descriptions of all my massage offerings and to browse July and August appointments.

Group Class Updates
Kick Start Flow
Fridays at 7am at Reflections

Candlelight Yin and Slow Flow
Thursdays at 730pm at Waterside

Catch it while you can:
Contour Heavy Weight Training
Mondays at 830am through June at Waterside


Have you ever bitten off more than you could chew? Been too eager? Found yourself with way too much to do?

Yeah. I’m in it. But it turns out that that feeling of being overwhelmed is very similar to being energized and poised to act.

It’s been a while since I wrote. The fact is that I had carefully laid out some plans. I was ready to launch when new opportunities presented themselves and I decided to say yes.

Yes to going back to school, to teacher training, to more teaching. I’m completing some programs that I started many years ago, and I am not done yet. Are we ever?

In the meantime I have lots of new offerings for you! Just email to book or with any questions. As always feel free to share this information.

Be well!

face  Veronica

Spring Reset is here! Commit to feeling better. Whether you’re new to exercise or need to refresh your current regimen, the Reset is for you.

Three Poses, One Oil: This Yin Yoga primer is available as a private session or as a group workshop.

Myofascial Massage: Slow deep work to increase range of motion in the joints and give the muscles room to unwind. Click here for May appointments.

Chair Massage: Help your employees unwind with an in-office chair massage event. Easy to schedule, minimal set-up. Email for more info:


The Fitness Reset is back!

This one-month program will give you the customized tools and guidance you need for big fitness gains.

Who is it for: Anyone!
Want to start exercising? Get moving with a plan built just for you!
Already exercising regularly? Shake up your routine, get educated, and learn new tricks!

Read all about it here or email to get started.

Early bird pricing extended to April 15th!

Once upon a time I bought some dry chickpeas and moved them into the bottom shelf of my cupboard, never to be seen again. When I bought the chickpeas I had the intention of cooking them in the pressure cooker, tossing them in some cumin, coriander, cinnamon, and lemon juice, and roasting. Instead those chickpeas just sat.

When I finally did take those chickpeas out it wasn’t because I had any more time than I normally do. What I had was the perception of more time. I got home close to 9pm, same as always, but I wasn’t feeling well. The funny thing is that because I was sick and figured “I can’t do anything” I suddenly had the time to set those chickpeas to cook.

What do my chickpeas and inertia have to do with anything?

First off, chickpeas are delicious and nutritious (recipe here).

Secondly, those chickpeas showed me that I am in a place between living my current life and the life I want to live. I wanted roasted chickpeas, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it happen. Then I just did it and voila-a tasty, take anywhere snack.

I took a step. Then another step. Things shifted.

When you want to change your life, sometimes you just have to lurch forward that one uncomfortable step to get started. That isn’t to say that you can stop there or that it is easy, but making change is possible. You’ve done it before.

What are we changing right now?

Those chickpeas are about habits of mind that limit what we can do and what we think we’re capable of achieving. Start to notice where you might be limiting yourself and flip it around. “I don’t have time to cook these chickpeas” might turn into “It only takes 30 minutes to cook these chickpeas-I can do that.”

There are lots of changes happening in 2016

Quarterly TeleClass lectures will resume in April and we’ll post the whole schedule in March. It’s easy to participate and it’s free!

Our Reboot programs will be starting up again soon – both the three-month and the intensive will be available. Look for more information next month.

Newsletters will be sent through MailChimp starting in May (although I will still write infrequently). I’ll send you a link so that you can subscribe. In the meantime, feel free to share this and know that I never share your info.

My group class schedule for Waterside Swim and Health Club has changed. Please click here for schedule and class descriptions.

I will be away March 20-25. Subs are listed here.

Need some rest and relaxation? Maybe you need to work out some knots that literally have you bent out of shape. Read about my massage offerings and availability for March here and send me an email to book your therapy.

Be well!


It’s been a while since we posted. This site and Spark! Wellness will be undergoing some changes in 2016.

Look forward to the return of our TeleClass series, more opportunities to Reboot, our favorite easy recipes in the What I’m Cooking Today feature, and more!

We can’t wait to share all of these offerings with you beginning in March.

Until then…be well!


I took a yoga class with two friends and we had a great practice. Afterwards one friend said that she was surprised that she had benefited from the class as she had not expected much from that particular teacher. The other friend said just the opposite, that she had expected that the class would be great because of that particular teacher. I just complained about the weather.

When we’re attached to our expectations we can miss what is happening. My two friends and I are yoga practitioners, so we were able to experience the class and let the teacher’s offering move us. Even though we came to the mat with bias or preoccupation (and apparently left the mat that way too), for the hour we practiced we were able to let go and be with what is. Then the smokescreen of attachment came back.

Yoga is now. It is being where we are without judgment. It is easy to become attached both to negative and positive feelings, but that distracts us from experiencing the present moment. When we live in our yoga we can blow the smoke away with an exhale and clear space for the next breath in.

Most of our attachments are bigger than whether or not a yoga class will be good or not. Many of my friends are hurting right now from loss of relationships, of jobs, of health, but as hard and real as all that is, it is smoke and will also dissipate. Yoga doesn’t mean being complacent or inactive. It means letting go of what happened (it’s over and can’t be changed) and what you think is going to happen (that is a story) so that you can see clearly and get on with what is at your hand to act upon.

We’re acting with precision and extra kindness this month. So if you’re in class and think you have to use the heaviest or the lightest weights, try to let that go and meet yourself where you really are at that moment. A big exhalation can clear the smoke so you can see.

Be well!


PLEASE NOTE: I will be away for Halloween, Saturday October 31st and Sunday, November 1st. I will post subs soon at

Practicing non attachment and being present. Moving with precision and kindness.

My group class schedule for Waterside Swim and Health Club has changed. Please click here for schedule and class descriptions.

We’ll be continuing our work on the hips, feeling the ground, staying low, and maintaining focus.

Light and medium weights are back this month after the heavy lifting of September. That doesn’t mean we take it easy-we still have work to do-rather that we find the appropriate tool for each movement.

Need some rest and relaxation? Maybe you need to work out some knots that literally have you bent out of shape. Send me an email to book your therapy:

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