Dear Students:

I love starting new things! The excitement of new knowledge, challenges, and just doing something different fills me with energy. I start running up the hill at full speed with a big smile. Then, you know, I look up the hill and decide to walk down and try something else. I know this is my tendency-to dig little holes and expect to end up with a well.

The yoga sutras instruct us to put our efforts and focus into a challenge and remain with that challenge with enthusiasm for a long period of time. In that way, change will take place.

That’s really the essence of the Wellness Reboot. The program is a three-month transformative journey to establish new lifestyle habits through a combination of body-mind training and self-care. This is for anyone who wants to commit to a wellness focused lifestyle and wants tools that help you to take charge for the long haul. Read more here or email me for more information.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions. You can also forward this message to friends. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Light and laughter,

Being ready for change. Before we can leap into something new, we prepare …

My group class schedule for Waterside Swim and Health Club has changed. Please click here for schedule and class descriptions.

In the classical Pilates practice we progress from more stable physical foundations (on our backs) to less stable (balanced on the side body, on hands and balls of the feet, and finally on our feet). Earlier movements establish the foundation for later, more challenging movements.

In the yoga practice that informs my teaching, we work through the energetic qualities of the chakras, beginning at the base energy of grounding which gives us roots to twist, lift the heart, express our selves in the postures, and eventually move into a space beyond posture into being (savasana and meditation).

We’ll be feeling the ground, staying low, and working on maintaining focus.

Need some rest and relaxation? Maybe you need to work out some knots that literally have you bent out of shape. Read about my massage offerings here and send me an email to book your therapy.

Be well!