I can’t believe it’s almost June! We’re climbing our way to the Solstice with lots of light and heat. How bright do you feel during these long days?

As we tip our way into summer we need to make sure that we continue to work towards balance. Have you put away your winter clothes, but continue to eat oatmeal and soup? Is the illusion of more time in the day leading to your being overextended? Maybe you find yourself overreacting or feeling irritated. Fear not friends! Read on for some helpful tips on how to keep cool and keep your energy from dissipating.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions. You can also forward this message to friends. I look forward to seeing you soon.


REMINDER: Please inform me of upcoming travel. I am working on the summer schedule and trying my best not to be too disruptive.

Rejoicing and energizing will be the themes this month. The heat is glorious for some of us (me!), while it makes others wilt. Let’s find some joy in what is, knowing that whether you like it or not, all is temporary.

We’ll be continuing our core focus throughout June, but with more upward movement. The stabilizing effect of a strong and flexible abdomen and hip allow for lift off and balance to occur.

The High and the Low: We’ll be warming up fast and moving more quickly, perhaps taking leaps and jumps as we transition from one side to the other. We will focus on active recovery throughout our standing work. Our mat work will be slower and more subtle, continuing to build the strength and flexibility of the spine and ribcage while also giving us ample time to cool down.

It seems very obvious, but be sure to drink more often during workouts. I like to have seltzer water with a squeeze of lemon juice to refresh and rehydrate. If you tend to be on the hotter side, try a few slices of cucumber or watermelon in your water for a refreshing and cooling treat.

Class Changes: After many wonderful years I am retiring from teaching Trampoline Fitness. We’ll have one last bounce on June 2nd at 730pm.

Sun Salutes: It’s true that my Sun Salutations are usually pretty funky. This month we’ll get back to basics in reverence of the Solstice. Sun salutations loosen up the spine, lengthen the musculature of the limbs and expand the lungs. However they are heating- they are your yogic warm-ups. We’ll be taking them more slowly and really amping up the breath.

Asana: I feel like jumping around in the sun, but too much energy use and we just burn out. We will take flight again this month with the return of some of your favorite arm balances. We will also make space for more backbends (camel makes a comeback!) along with cooling forward folds and seated postures.

Yogic Diet: The purpose of yoga is to unite with one’s true self. We accomplish yoga by using many different tools- physical exercise, mindful breathing, meditation, for example- that nourish us and bring us closer to wholeness and balance. Eating mindfully is a way of honoring the needs of our true nature and also honoring the cycles of nature all around us.

I am not recommending a particular diet-I am not qualified to do that. Instead I present some questions to help shine a light on the  choices we make about our nourishment. These are important year round, but perhaps it is easier to begin thinking about them during the abundant summer months.

What food and quantity of food makes you feel energized while you eat it and afterwards? You may notice that you naturally eat less and want lighter foods in the summer or that you want to eat more often.

What foods drain your energy by making you feel too hot/cold/full/or otherwise depleted? If you are agitated and cranky from the heat and humidity, a bowl of chili is not a great choice. Super spicy, oily, and damp food might not suit your needs either. Conversely, if you are usually cold you might finally feel warm enough to eat a small raw salad. Cucumber salad and watermelons are wonderfully cooling and seasonal, but if you already run cool, then they may not serve your needs.

Are you eating a variety of foods prepared in different ways? Look to the farmer’s market and find a fruit or vegetable you haven’t tried or haven’t tried in a while. Tastes change! Try something new at the weekend cook out. Or use your favorite ingredients in a new way-poach or steam, for example, to lighten it up for the summer.

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