What happened? I just got into June and here we are at the July 4th weekend! As the long days ran together into what I was initially calling “the great big time fail” something else took over: going step by step. And sometimes that means going back to step one, looking at the road ahead, surrendering to the fact that you got lost, and maybe consulting a map.

Step by step is my yoga practice, and my yoga practice is my life practice. It is my map. It guides and informs everything else. So I know that at any time that I lean or stumble, there is a path-a big wide open generous path-for me to crawl back to and begin on once again.

Step by step is how we’re taking it for the rest of the summer, making space to see what comes up.

Step by step is the theme of two exciting programs launching this fall. Both are roadmaps to better be-ing.

Wellness Reboot is a three-month transformative journey designed to help you re-commit to wellness. The Wellness Reboot will establish new lifestyle habits through a combination of body-mind training and self-care.

Yoga for Absolute Beginners is a three-week exploration focused on the physical (asana) practice. This workshop will also introduce and demystify yogic breathing, mantra, and meditation as tools of awareness.

Stay tuned for more details about these programs!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions. You can also forward this message to friends. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Light and laughter,

REMINDER: Please inform me of upcoming travel.

Step by step movement and honoring where we are.

Class Changes: All changes are for classes at Waterside Swim and Health Club

Saturday Cardio Sculpt will be at 930am
Saturday Vinyasa Yoga will be at 1030am

REMINDER- I no longer teach Trampoline Fitness on Tuesdays at 730pm.

Let’s Jump: Jumping back and jumping forward in our Sun Salutes is so fiery. Let’s do it! Of course if you’re already too hot you are welcome to take it calmly and step back. We’re in the fire now and harnessing that, but that energy requires wisdom and discernment to be channelled productively. Let’s also steep in the seated sage poses. They require some heat, but also some surrender. Marichiasana series will appear and unfold throughout the month. Backbending will continue to be a focus-we’re warm and open enough.

I have been loving a calf massage lately. Maybe you’re walking around more (perhaps in the sand). Our legs take a beating and we often neglect them. A really simple and quick treat is a bedtime calf squeezing. Skip this or consult your doctor if you have medical conditions that cause swelling or blood clots.

Nighttime calf squeeze:
Sit comfortably in bed.
Bend your right knee.
Grasp the back of your ankle with your left thumb and index finger. You will be behind the bony area at the Achilles tendon. Gently rock your tendon back and forth while moving up and down the leg. You can only go a couple of inches before getting to the meaty part of the calf.
Go back to the ankle and place your thumb on your shin bone. Let the thumb slide off the shin bone into the groove between bone and muscle. Be firm, but not rough. Work your way up to the top of the calf, below the knee crease.
Go back to the ankle and switch hands. Place your right thumb under the Achilles and roll the flesh towards the shin bone (this is the opposite of the last movement).
Straighten the right leg and place both thumbs on the shins and fingers under the meaty part of the calf. Grab the flesh and gently pull the calf muscle in two directions.
Repeat on the left side.