When winter was turning to spring we suggested the practice of neighborhood walks to notice change inside and all around. The transition from summer to fall can be a bit rocky. Conscious observation can give you some grounding and appreciation of the cycle of the year and your responses.

Neighborhood Walk: Summer to Fall

Take advantage of the light that is still available and put on a few layers (rediscover your wardrobe).  Take a 10 minute walk around your neighborhood and look for the signs of transformation. Animals are behaving differently, ourselves included. Listen for the changed sounds, smell the air and notice how different it is now compared to the height of summer. See what others are doing around you and be inspired by their movement. There are new foods becoming available, while others disappear until next year. Buy apples, pears, sunchokes, sweet potatoes, and squashes of all sorts. Look at plants and the changing colors of trees.

When you get home, journal about what you noticed and about the experience. If anything came up for you emotionally, perhaps make note of that too. Repeat this process two or three times a week over the next month, until we are solidly into the deep dark. Enjoy this focused awareness of change around you.