Try This Move at Home

Set your alarm 5 minutes early for a luxurious stretch before you get out of bed. What better way to set the stage for movement throughout your day than with movement that feels good?

Lie on your back and tuck both knees into your chest. Give your shins a good hug.  Take a deep breath in and let it out as you bring your nose to your knees, wrapping yourself into a ball shape. Do this 3-4 times.

Unravel into an X shape, arms overhead and legs long. Reach your right arm and left leg away from each other for a couple of seconds. Let go and try the other side. Let go and then reach all limbs away from center. Release.

Gently raise your right arm and left leg into the air, then switch for a few rounds, getting some blood pumping.

Return to knees tucked shape and let them drop off to the right while your arms drift left. Repeat on the other side.

Return to your opening ball shape and breathe your way out of bed.