Wow!  January is all sparkly and new and full of promise and I go and get injured! This after working out the details of intentions for the new year that included dancing, yoga, trapeze, running (with friends!), and more.

Am I derailed? Depressed? Have I thrown away the intention to move the way my body needs to move?

I have to admit that suspending my yoga studio membership so that I could heal without the temptation of taking a class really took the life out of me. “My home practice will really thrive” is how I consoled myself, but it is actually true.

Having an injury has led to focused attention on my needs right now, with the understanding that those needs are not permanent, nor do I know how long they will be present. I have to stop, listen, and be kind. I have to practice being me the way I am right now.

I was sad for about a day, clinging, until I emerged to see what the yoga practice would hold for me. Postures that were so easy are now excruciatingly painful. On the other hand, I have time to explore postures that are not the mainstay of my day to day life. My meditation practice is unchanged save for my sitting position. Restorative yoga is as delicious as ever, with a few additional cushions. I have cushions. I can adjust. I am flexible of mind, not just of body.

Running and dancing will be there when I heal. In the meantime, I’m giving energy to being well. The core of my intentions remains. The manifestation has changed.