Lunch is my favorite meal to pack as much nutrients into. Like most people, I don’t have a lot of time to make lunch, but have discovered some easy, tasty and healthy lunch ideas that are powering me through long days.

Mediterranean Chicken Wrap– There are lots of possible veggies to add to this one, but my favorite are grilled zucchini, eggplant, or summer squash (and those veggies are all in season now, so take advantage!).

1. Spread a thin layer of basil pesto on eight 6-inch tortillas. (you can buy it, but pesto is so easy to make… click here for a simple recipe)

2. Cook 1lb boneless chicken breast; chop

3. Roast and slice a red bell pepper and three portobello mushroom caps (discard stems and gills first)

4. Thinly slice a small red onion

5. Chop half a head of Boston lettuce (obviously any kind will do, this is just the tastiest!)

6. Layer meat and veggies on each tortilla; then fold in ends and roll up

Makes 8