Is anyone else hot?! The past week has been a scorcher here in New York City. Whenever it gets hot, I started craving raw food. Delicious, healthy, cooling raw food with all of its enzymes intact. But… I’m a bit too lazy to actually prepare raw food. I’m happy to whip up a salad, but sometimes you just want more.

Enter: Pure Market Express, a gourmet raw food delivery service.  As they put it, “We source, shop, soak, sprout, slice, dice, dehydrate, pulverize, puree, vacuum-seal and ship generously portioned meals—breakfast, lunch and dinner—plus desserts, snacks and occasional surprises.”

Let ms assure you: everything there is delish.  A while back they were kind enough to send me samples of their most popular dishes: donut holes, chocolate cheesecake, and lasagna.  I also have a client who swears by the blueberry pancakes.

Let me assure you: everything was delicious.  The desserts weren’t too sweet, weren’t too heavy… and after it all, I felt light and full of energy. Some other dishes I want to check out: thai basil fried rice (made out of diced parsnips!), mariachi beet wrap, and hemp tabouli.

Lucky for us, Pure Market Express has made it easier than ever to order their delectable treats — starting today, they’re offering $9.99 shipping nationwide with $50 purchase of food. It comes the next day, packed in dry ice so it’s totally fresh and ready to be consumed.

Ready to stock up? Visit their website and choose your favorite dishes. As a special treat for Spark! readers, the first three people who mention our name when they place their order will receive a complimentary order of my favorite dish — the raw donut holes. Trust me, you’ll never guess that they’re raw. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments about your favorite PME dish!