This is the final update from our guy testing the Sketchers ShapeUps.

I’ve had the Sketchers ShapeUps for a while now, and the verdict is in — these shoes are a tremendous asset to anyone looking to get in better shape. Do they work miracles? No, of course not. They won’t turn a walk around the block into a five mile run, but they will make it easier to take that initiative!

Anyone over 25 understands how minor physical problems collect over time to limit your athletic abilities. For me, my lower body had quietly grown into a horror show of misalignments. My knees and ankles pop so loudly in the morning they can be heard from two rooms away. Walking long distances began to be more of a chore than a treat, and my drive to work out was similarly diminished. I was astonished at how quickly the ShapeUps began alleviating this discomfort by forcing me to walk through a more physiologically sound range of motion. This in turn strengthened all the muscles that kept the connective tissue and joints in their proper positions.

Another benefit to wearing ShapeUps is the tone and strength they develop in your hips and lower abs. I find that working out these specific muscles increases my overall energy levels, which in turn makes it easier to stay fit. Taken together these benefits more than justify the price tag.

It’s amazing what a giant difference such a small alteration in design can make. Sort of makes me wonder what else in our environment could be drastically improved through minor changes, and what other untapped benefits are sitting right under our nose.

Is anyone else having similar results?