This spring has been super busy for me! Between working and finishing college, I’m also trying to eat well, teach yoga, practice yoga and keep my friendships healthy. Life is always this delicate act of living in the balance of things, but lately it’s been a little difficult!

Here at Spark! we all talk a lot about our inspiration and motivation…the ways we convince ourselves to get up and keep moving. Lately, my yoga practice (which I hold very dear and really cherish) has been feeling more like a chore than a joy. So I decided to mix it up a bit. When I’m practicing in my yoga studio or in my home, I often find myself looking longingly out the windows at the beautiful spring weather. So last week I decided to take my myself down to the Hudson River Park, find a grassy spot, and practice.

I didn’t have any expectations about how long I’d do yoga. I also purposely didn’t bring a mat or towel. It was great to feel the grass and the dirt on my hands and feet. We spend so much time worrying about being clean…but for a second it was refreshing to feel the soil as I stood up into Warrior I or did a Sun Salutation. It really got me thinking about the concept of staying grounded. Living in a concrete jungle like New York, it’s easy to forget about nature. But even with the traffic whizzing by behind me, I forgot for a moment about the city.

So…when was the last time you walked outside barefoot? Felt the grass under your feet? Felt a connection to the earth?