I’ve been wearing the Reebok EasyToners for about a month and I no longer notice the uphill walks. They’re really great shoes for everyday errands, and they look good so I can even wear them to work. That said, they are walking shoes, not great for running to catch a train, and certainly not for fitness running. I do wear them to teach my Contour body toning classes, as  well as step, but not my trampoline class.

Have they changed my body? My excessive low back curve is significantly diminished. That’s huge. It is easier to stand tall, because I have to in order to be balanced in the shoes. My pinstriped pants are a little less snug around the thigh, and my calves feel less taut. These are great results for a month of wearing the shoes plus working out with my usual routine.

The most important point about the Reebok EasyToners: they Are comfortable!
Ok, since I am now hooked on the Reebok “fitness shoes,” and my boyfriend is hooked on his Sketchers, I’ve purchased a pair of Sketchers Shape-Ups mary janes for springtime roaming.

Reports in a few…

Have you had any interesting results from wearing the Reebok EasyToners?