Spring is in full bloom here in New York City, and so are my allergies! The trees are flowering and producing lots of pollen, which can cause allergy flare-ups and sinus problems.

You’ve probably seen Neti Pots in health food stores like Whole Body, on Oprah thanks to Dr. Oz and now even in the pharmacy section of your local Duane Reade. The method is actually an ancient ayurvedic yoga cleansing tradition from India meant to prepare the body for a yoga practice. Today, anyone can see the benefits from this simple daily routine.

Now your first reaction to nasal irrigation might be “EWWW! You want me to put saline water where?!” But a teacher once explained Neti to me like this: we brush our teeth, wash our face, why not clean our sinuses? Neti keeps the sinuses clean and makes breathing easier and much more free. It can significantly reduce allergy problems and keep sinus pressure at bay. And, despite initial reactions, it is simple, painless, and easy.

Ready to try? Visit this website for a step-by-step guide. It really is much easier than it initially seems.

Have you ever tried? Do you Neti regularly? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear…leave me a comment!