I’ve recently started offering hot stone and restorative yoga massage to clients seeking deep relaxation and muscle release.

In my hot stone massage practice I heat special basalt stones of varied sizes and apply them in alternating  patterns to points on the back, shoulders, neck, hamstrings, abdomen, feet, and hands. While the stones warm muscles in one area, I use hand sized warm stones and warm lotion to sweep over the limbs. Neck and shoulder work is especially delicious as the heat helps melt away knots and tension.

Restorative yoga massage involves placing my client into a supported yoga pose. We use many props, including cushions, towels, bolsters, and yoga blocks to ensure that the body is cradled completely. Depending on the needs of the client, I can apply gentle compression to the hips, shoulders, or limbs to facilitate release, or apply heat to the back and hands. The client remains in each posture for two to five minutes, without any strain.

Each session is entirely unique, based on the clients needs at the moment–so even returning clients may experience completely different sessions, depending on where their minds, bodies, and spirits are at the moment.

Interested in booking a unique massage? Have questions? Feel free to contact me at veronica@sparkyourwellness.com