Here is the latest from our guy testing the Skechers ShapeUps. Think we’re convinced!

The ShapeUps promotional material detailed potential postural benefits, so I wasn’t surprised when I found it easier to hold my spine straighter and keep my shoulders from slumping forward while wearing my new shoes. I was also pleasantly surprised to find a marked improvement in the alignment of my feet since I started wearing ShapeUps.

My left hip has bothered me since high school, but never so much to assume there was something terribly wrong or in need of correction. It would hurt more than my right side after a vigorous workout, and it generated a very unpleasant grinding and popping sensation whenever I tried to do bicycle crunches, but it didn’t warrant too much concern — after all, no one is perfectly symmetrical.

The ShapeUps have extra padding under the arches, and it didn’t take long before I realized that the shoes were applying pressure to the inside edge of my left foot but the arches of my right foot. For years I’ve balanced myself by standing with my left leg slightly askew while my right left was vertical, just to avoid the pain, popping, and grinding of that left hip. Of course this was imperceptible until I wore my ShapeUps. I’ve been able to make a small correction to my stance, helping to alleviate a source of minor discomfort that could have become a major problem down the road.

Anyone else out there wearing these shoes? What do you think?

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