As I’ve blogged about before, my goal this spring is to move my body.  I want to have more energy. I want to strengthen my core. I want to use my body for what it was designed to do: MOVE.

Turns out, I’m not the only one. There have been a ton of articles recently about the importance of moving your body. For those of you who need more evidence, last week the New York Times published an article chock full of cold, hard facts about the benefits of regular movement, all backed up by scientific studies.

My favorites:

  • The risk of breast cancer is 16% lower among women who exercise regularly
  • Exercise significantly increases bone density (trust me, you’ll care a LOT about this as you age)
  • Lowers blood pressure, increases HDL (“good”) cholesterol, and keeps your arteries spic and span
  • Significantly lowers your risk of developing Type II diabetes (one study indicates that women who are sedentary have twice the risk of developing diabetes and those who are sedentary AND obese are 16x more at risk)
  • Perhaps most importantly, regular exercise throughout your life keeps your brain functioning! A new study shows that people who are over 55 and physically active at least 3x a week are the least likely to become cognitively impaired.

Convinced? Inspired to move your body? I am.  What’s your plan?