We’re a few days into our shoe experiment and things are looking good for the ShapeUps.   I’ve already settled the most pressing question of them all:  If I lean back far enough in these without bracing myself will I fall over?  Yes.  Moving on….

I have a tendency to wear shoes way too long, so by the time I get new ones the old ones are already hurting my knees and feet.  My legs always have an extra spring in them when I’m wearing new shoes, but the feeling I get from my ShapeUps is something new entirely.  Energy seems to move more freely from my toes all the way to my shoulders, as if all the tiny blockages in my motion built up by years of shoe-abuse are beginning to release.

These first few days with ShapeUps have coincided with a marked increase in my workout routine, so I can’t be entirely clear how much of the soreness or improved muscle tone in my hips and thighs is the product of the shoes themselves.   But I can tell you that the healthy, full body tired I feel after walking three miles in these shoes is something I’ve never experienced after long walks before.