On March 20th, Andrea and I are leading a day-long workshop in downtown Manhattan called “Fall Back In Love With Your Body.”

This in-person workshop was inspired by our several group phone series with the same title over the past  year.  Inevitably, the first question that comes up from participants is, wait, what do you mean again? I don’t remember loving my body in the first place!

A lot of women are in the same boat. We haven’t been as kind to our bodies as we could have been. We’ve been focusing a lot of criticism–and not enough love–towards our  bodies. Some would say we’ve actually been waging war with our bodies. Sound familiar?

But at one point in our lives, most of us–and I would argue all of us–loved our bodies, even  if we didn’t know it at the time. When we were little kids, we focused on what our bodies could do for us: our bodies enabled us to play! allowed us to move! let us wiggle about!   We didn’t obsess over our weight, worry about that extra bit of fat on our thighs, wonder why we weren’t as tiny as the latest haute couture model.

Now that we’re adults, how do we get back to that mentality? How do we un-do the years of dieting, unrealistic expectations for what our bodies should look like, and, for many of us, a lot of self-loathing?

Join us on March 20th and get started on the journey to love your body again.

Spa For The Soul: Fall Back in Love With Your Body
Saturday, March 20, 10-3p
$25, includes all-day workshop and delicious, healthy lunch
Trinity Church
To register or for more information call 212.602.0800 or e-mail: jmchale@trinitywallstreet.org.

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