…is that all shoes shape your body. Think of Barbie–yes, the doll. Why are her feet and calves that way? Because she only wears high-heeled shoes. Have you ever worn heavy platform boots?  Danced in them? They’ll give you strong legs just from their weight alone.

I am a firm believer in the right shoe for the right activity. I wouldn’t wear my running shoes for basketball (too much torque on the knees), or my Earth Shoes with negative heel (posture correcting!) for going uphill hiking. It’s time to replace all of my teaching shoes (Rebounding, step) and my running shoes, so I decided to go shopping. What I found was a mass of “body-shaper” shoes out there. Every company makes them.  Some seemed to fit my teaching bill. SO…

I’ve decided to give them a try, and to enlist my boyfriend too.

Stay tuned for our postings as we shape our bodies with new shoes. I’ll be testing and blogging about the Reebok EasyTones, and the boyfriend will share his perspectives as a guy who wears Sketchers Shape-Ups.

Let the shoe games begin!