As many of you know, Spark! teamed up with Choosing Raw last month to host our first-ever 10-day detox program. The results were amazing: participants were reeling in their new-found energy, discovery of food sensitivities, uplifted moods, and many reported feeling lighter to boot.

I have been aware of the connection between cleansing on reaching/maintaining an optimal weight, and I have personally seen results. But yesterday, while attending the Institute of Functional Medicine’s conference on Obesity, Bone Health, and Type 2 Diabetes, I was provided with extra scientific proof: it turns out that doing an annual (or semi-annual) cleanse is essential in maintaining (or rebooting) an optimal metabolism.

The reason is that environmental toxins, heavy metals (like mercury), and food toxins (such as pesticides, chemicals, and additives found in our food supply) get stored in our fat cells. Over the years, as our bodies continue to add to their collection of toxins, the weight can start to pack on. More and more toxins get stored in our fat cells, and our bodies’ internal communication begins to slow down. Our organs, cells, blood, and brain can’t communicate as clearly as they once did, since the toxins are blocking vital information from getting passed through our system. The results can be additional weight gain (that feels impossible to remove), less energy, brain fog, and – eventually – chronic disease.

I knew that built-up toxins were impeding our health, but until yesterday, didn’t fully understand that fat can create MORE fat, simply by adding to our internal toxin supply and slowing down internal communication – and therefore, significantly slowing down our metabolism.

The solution to this problem, however, is simple: in addition to eating foods that reduce chronic inflammation, try a cleanse! I am not talking about crazy fasts or fad diets, but gentle, easy, and safe detoxing.

We at Spark! will be teaming up with Choosing Raw again in May, for another highly-anticipated group cleanse! Stay tuned for more dates and information to come in the next month.

In the meantime, if you want to get started sooner than May – there’s no time like the present! – contact us to learn more about our individual cleanse programs. We can guide and support you through a 10-day cleanse, complete with a packet of cleanse materials and recipes, unlimited email support, and a 30-minute telephone cleanse review.

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