Countdown to Summer Challenge is a 12-week Core Vitality fitness program with Spark! practitioner Veronica Farje

Thanks for your interest in the Countdown, a small group training program for those who want to revitalize their fitness routine. Compiled below are answers to questions received about the program. Have other questions? Contact

What does the program include? You will receive individualized attention as you move through group workouts and personalized activities. A heart rate monitor (included in the program price) will help ensure you’re exercising at the correct intensity for you and you can even log your workouts online.

The group will meet for six 1.5 hour sessions at a gym on the east side of Manhattan. Sessions include goal setting and tracking, strategies for the week, and a workout. The workouts are core intensive cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and balance training using light resistance. We finish each session with a stretch and restorative yoga (stress-busting relaxation exercise).

You’ll also receive Email support from Veronica twice per week. There will be surprise goodies (gear, refueling snacks, guests) along the way!

Is this personal training? In some ways, it’s better! You get the camaraderie and energy of a small group, plus individual attention to your activities. We will have in-person and email interactions throughout the 12 weeks. If you’ve thought about hiring a personal trainer, but want a test run, this is a great intermediate step at less cost.

Do I need any special equipment or clothing to participate? You don’t need to buy any equipment. You will need to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, such as sweats, yoga pants, leggings, tank tops or t-shirts, and athletic shoes.

How is the class structured if you have people with very different abilities and goals? Group Leader Veronica Farje is a Certified Group Fitness instructor and Personal Trainer with a decade of experience. She teaches a variety of group classes for people with a range of abilities and goals, and provides modifications so that all may participate. She has worked with everyone from elite athletes to the elderly, teaching them to exercise safely and effectively.

The group is embarking on an exercise program that accelerates as the weeks go on, but each individual has specific activities just for them. The twice-weekly email check-ins ensure that you get the help you need with your particular questions when you need it.

I’ve never done a group fitness class before. Will I be able to keep up? You will exercise to your ability and respect your body’s needs during the class. You’ll take rest when you need it and come back to the exercise when you’re ready. All of Veronica’s classes work this way. Don’t worry. We all have a different pace every day and we need to honor that.

I currently exercise as much as possible during the week (yoga, weights, cardio). Would I still be able to do these classes and activities? Absolutely! If you are happy doing these activities, we can work them into the Countdown so that you get more out of them. They will count towards your Countdown workouts, which everyone will complete.

If I bring my child, can s/he sit in on the classes? For safety reasons we advise you not bring your child to the sessions. We are unable to provide child care.

When, Where, How Much?

Sunday Afternoons 1:30-3:00 PM

March 7, 21, 28
, April 11, 25
, May 9

The club is on the east side of Manhattan, accessible to the 6 train to 23rd Street. Contact Veronica to register and for address details.

The program is $600 for the 12 weeks, which includes cost of equipment (heart rate monitor and giveaways during program), access to gym for meeting/workout dates, and support between visits. As a special for Countdown participants, they will have the opportunity to access the gym before and/or after the scheduled sessions to work out on their own.

Specials: Spark! Wellness clients get $100 off if they sign up by March 1st. Sign up with a friend and you each save $50.

Register today:  contact