In the thick of winter we often forget how quickly the season yields to spring. The early signs of buds thick with the promise of life, squirrels thin from hard living, and a restless energy on the part of the humans can be easy to overlook. 

The inevitability of passing time can be stress provoking or calming, and the outlook is all yours to alter. Your perception can be changed.

I could have started this entry a different way:
It’s the middle of winter and the cold is endless. Everything is dead, the trees are budless, the squirrels are thin, and humans are restless. 

Instead I am relying on time moving on, and seeing the markers of that in a positive way. It’s just a reframing. It is still winter. The trees aren’t different. I’ve just made a choice to see things one way over another.

This is one of the more subtle results of my yoga practice. Yoga takes one into puzzles that can be vexing or transcendental. The postures stay the same, only the practitioner yields attachment to what they think they know, who they think they are, what they believe they can do.

It’s February already. The fall yielded to the inevitability of time and became something different. What can yield within you?