We all know that we should keep cholesterol and blood pressure under control for a healthy heart, but what about the love?

When we aren’t at peace in our relationship with ourselves, the heart suffers, and so do our relations with others.

I am fortunate to be crossing into a fourth decade of life this year. Many of my close friends are too. Sadly I hear a lot of regret about choices made over the last decade. Sadder still, I hear complacency that that’s all there is to a life and that it just gets worse.

Where’s the love?

Contentment makes it easier to practice a little self-directed affection.  Regret keeps one dwelling (living) in patterns that clearly didn’t work. Contentment is not passive, but it is accepting. It allows one to say, “that’s all there was? That’s ok.” and move on. Contentment makes it ok to keep loving yourself.

When you think about all the things that keep your heart healthy, along with a diet full of vegetables and whole grains, exercise, and reducing stress, give yourself an extra dose of heart building love.