That was what a friend and I came up with last winter as we shuffled from one party to the next in an icy rain. We were talking about feeling that we had to do everything there was to do, despite not really feeling up to it. We were both battling colds, and truth be told we’d done this bit three nights in a row. 

But even with the realization that we didn’t have to be superstars, there we were, and the traipsing was taking me deeper into Brooklyn and farther from my downtown Manhattan home.

The next day – and several days after – were spent balled up with fever pains, sneezing, and just plain misery.

Fast forward to today. Slept 9 hours, woke feeling iffy. Taught a couple of classes, saw a few clients, looking forward to a couple of big birthday parties, and… pow!  Here I am – sick.

Not on the floor, fever, sick… more of a ‘warning: take care of yourself” sick. Nose sniffling since 6:30 PM. Throat soreness at 7 PM. Tea not helping at 8 PM. Parties starting at 9 PM. Eating lots of garlic at 10 PM.

I’m not going to be the superstar who takes party peeps down with her into sickness.  I’m going to be the superstar who calls it when it needs to be called, drinks her broth, and rests so she can wake to germ-free (or less germy) the next day. 

If this sounds familiar to you, you should do the same for yourself, and for those around you.  You don’t have to be a superstar.