Part of making sure that you enjoy savory, satiating meals that satisfy you, while still providing the nourishment you need, is all about bringing the right food into your home. 

And bringing the right food into your home and keeping your fridges and pantries stocked with whole, natural, organic foods starts in food markets and grocery stores. 

Do you wish you had someone to take you through the aisles of food markets with expert food shopping and nutritional wisdom?  Do you seek guidance and have questions about produce and health food products?  Wonder what greens, grains, fruits, vegetables and oils and what combinations are best? 

Look no further: our certified Holistic Health Counselors, Hadley and Andrea, have started to offer grocery store walk-throughs! 

Join Hadley for the first group grocery store walk-through on Saturday, February 20.  Hadley will meet the group at the Whole Foods at 260 7th Avenue (on the corner of 25th street). 

Learn the healthiest choices to make as we show you how to choose your fruits, vegetables, grains, spices, and condiments. Learn about vegetables you may never have heard of, and how to add healthy spice to your meals. Curious about vegetarian protein options? We’ll teach you how to make healthy, delicious choices.

Please e-mail to sign up. 

For clients of Spark!, walk-throughs are free.  For all others, the charge is $25. 

Future tours will be held, the next one of which will be in April.