As a holistic health counselor, I’m always looking at many factors to help a client figure out which foods are best for her to eat.

Which foods will make her feel most energetic, grounded, and balanced? Which foods will help her reach her ideal weight, give her radiant skin, lower her cholesterol?

One place I go first for answers is examining what her ancestry is.

Taking a look at what our ancestors ate can clue us in about which foods work best with our own unique body chemistry.

We’re each different, and what works best for one person does not necessarily work great for the next. In addition, reconnecting with our traditional foods and meals can give us a sense of closeness and connectedness with our family. (Ever notice how comforting it can be to eat your family’s traditional foods served at family get-togethers?)

Do some research on the traditional foods of your people and see which grains, veggies, and animal products they ate. (Or ask your mom.)

Also look at the style of cooking they used – did they eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits? Did they pickle their produce and meats? Were they big on stews? Was dairy a part of their daily life? Did they steam their meals?

It can be really interesting to try the “ancestry” diet and see how you feel eating foods of your family’s past, and you might be surprised how powerful returning to your traditional roots can be!