Thanks for everyone who participated in our January 2010 Detox!  Andrea, Gena, and I were amazed by the fabulous group of people, all of whom took 10 days to focus on their health.  Way to go!

Check out what participants had to say about their experience:

I found the cleanse to be a positive experience in all aspects. Aside from it giving my insides a break and a chance to clean out, it also gave me a somewhat better spiritual feeling as well. I believe that eating clean foods makes you feel so much better inside and out. Although I have gotten off track from my clean eating lately (i.e. not eating high raw but still vegan) and it makes me feel sluggish and tired, I must get back on track. This cleanse taught me a lot about myself and that is the best thing that I got out of it. A high raw lifestyle makes one feel so much more alive because you are eating mostly alive foods, which is what is often said about the subject. I used to not believe all of the hype about the raw foods lifestyle, but now I really want to stick to it, and this cleanse was my positive push in that direction. It also made me feel good to do it in January and get off on the right foot. I would deffinately do this again because it was a wonderful experience. Thank you!
Julia G.

The best thing about the cleanse is that I saw amazing results. My joint pain became almost non-existent, my energy level was through the roof and I felt clear headed and happy! I don’t know if I would have had the stamina to go 10 days on a cleanse without the support of Gena and the forum. This cleanse was definitely worth every penny. I can’t thank Gena and Spark Wellness enough.
Cleanse participant, January 2010

I had a wonderful experience doing the level three cleanse. gena was warm, supportive, well-informed, and professional. the on-line forum was fun, informative, interesting. the group phone calls were fun and informative. the food was delicious!! i would not have had the courage and confidence to eat a raw vegan diet on my own, this cleanse gave me the structure and guidance i needed to try it.  i can’t recommend this program highly enough and that’s the truth.
Cleanse participant, January 2010

I have unsuccessfully tried several cleanses in the past and was hesitant when I signed up for this cleanse. However, the online support appealed to me. I liked the idea of not only being part of a group, but also having some privacy because I did not actually know the people in the group. This cleanse was absolutely one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The online support was more helpful than I had ever anticipated. Not only were Andrea’s responses to questions extremely timely, thorough and supportive; but I felt the same support from other members of the group. I also felt as though I gained a solid understanding of the logic behind the cleanse and I am able to take this new knowledge of food and its effect on the body and apply it to my eating, post-cleanse. I would highly recommend this cleanse to anyone.
Elizabeth K.

I realized, the best testimonial I can give is telling you how I feel. In a word – amazing. I cannot believe how much more energy I have. I feel lighter, and my exercising habits have improved. The meal plan helped so much, and Gena’s recipes were delicious. I’m incredibly grateful.
Maria W.

I decided to start 2010 by doing my first cleanse. I have never been through this process before and I really was drawn to the Spark Cleanse because of the opportunity to go through the experience with a group. Having the online forum was a great avenue for support as well as a place to get all of my questions answered. Hadley did a great job of responding to our questions and providing information and insight into how we would be feeling. It was really nice to hear from different members of the group each day. It made me realize that other people are going through similar situations with food and eating. I wanted to do the cleanse to give my body a break from any foods I could be sensitive to; however, I ended up learning a lot more during this experience. It really helped me understand my food cravings and gave me better insight into emotional eating. It was also great to experiment with new foods and MANY great veggies. I am really glad that I went through this experience. I would definitely participate in another cleanse through Spark!
Kerri D.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. My body feels great, my mind is at peace and I remian motivated by all the kind folks who supported me during the last few weeks.
Jan C.

Prior to the cleanse I had been slowly cleaning up my health habits over the past couple years, but needed a kick in the butt to get me to the next level. This cleanse did just that! During the cleanse I had more than enough to eat, and found some really great new recipes. I got back to cooking very clean and simply by using basic, fresh foods. The biggest perk to the cleanse was probably my stomach- it had never felt better! Not once did I have bloating, gurgling, gas, or any other uncomfortable feeling in there. I also had a more constant and consistent supply of energy, instead of my usual ups and downs during the day. Another annoying problem of mine that cleared up was my constantly congested and/or runny nose. I usually take an allergy pill daily, but really have no reason to do so anymore. Overall it was a really great experience that will stay with me for much longer than just the 10 days!
Allison V.

I had never done a cleanse before and was not sure what to expect when I first signed up. However the printed materials provided prior to starting and the initial conference call gave me the information I needed to understand the cleanse and how it would work. It was a great experience, I tried foods I had not tried before and learned a great deal. The phone calls and google group created a community of cleansers that made it easy to ask questions and provide support for each other. Andrea, the counselor, did an excellent job of fielding our many questions and actively motivating us to stay on the cleanse and learn more about the foods we were eating. I would do this clease again and have highly reoommended it to my friends.
Cleanse participant, January 2010

This 10 day cleanse was a wonderful experience. The support was fantastic even before the cleanse began. As it unfolded, Andrea was with us every step of the way to answer questions, guide us, encourage us and empower us. I sincerely enjoyed learning new ways to prepare foods as well as learning to prepare foods for the first time. I felt great every day. My energy level was high and more importantly steady. There were no deep fluctuations that I have grown so accustomed to. I realize now I do not need to accept these peaks and valleys in my daily stamina. My mental clarity improved as did my sense of well being. Admittedly, I was nervous to start the cleanse. Looking back now, it is way more scary to continue eating all the processed, mass produced foods that were normal in my diet. This was truly an eye opening, healthy and very enjoyable experience. Thank you!!!
Dr. Shani Lipset

I chose to take part in this cleanse to get my diet and eating habits back on track. After the stress of the holidays and getting married I felt like I was not honoring my belief of compassionate eating. While participating in this cleanse, I reached my goal and gained so much more. My group leader and the wonderful women who also were immersed in the cleanse taught me so much. By reading their emails and asking questions via phone conference we were able to be in constant contact. And in doing so, helped each other as we fought our way through struggles, shared the rewards of feeling great and accomplished things many of us thought not to be possible. I have shared my experience with many people, recommend it to all and would participate again.
Rosemary D.

The cleanse was incredibly helpful for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering the program. The packet of information I received was informative, well organized, and included many great recipes. Throughout the duration of the cleanse Andrea provided support, encouragement and was completely nonjudgmental. I am truly thrilled I participated in the Spark! Wellness + Choosing Raw 10-day detox and I appreciate the work Andrea, Gena, and Hadley put into creating such a fantastic program!

The guided group cleanse with Spark Wellnes was very easy to follow and to get through. The daily support was amazing, very helpful, the recipes were easy to make and it is great to hear, how other cleanse participant do. I loved the program and would do it again, I highly recommend this cleanse, to find out what your body needs and like. Thank you very much, Spark!
Petra R.

This cleanse was an amazing experience. It gave me ten days to focus on how I want to treat my body, and the kind of foods I want to fuel it with. The recipes were also YUMMY and I loved having a raw and a cooked option each night, so I always felt that there was a lot of variety and choice. I really do feel that this cleanse has made it easier to make healthy choices about what I eat. I had to explain the cleanse to my significant other, family, friends, and co-workers, and they were all supportive (surprisingly!). I learned that I don’t have to go out for fast food just because that’s what everyone else in the group is doing, I need to make the right choices for my body. And whenever if was feeling fatigued or hungry, I could read the great posts from Gena and all of my fellow cleansees and get motivated. And now I feel great, detoxed, and excited about incorporating more raw and vegan foods into my lifestyle!
Jennifer L.

Admittedly, when hearing the words cleanse or detox, the first thoughts that come to mind are weight loss. Perhaps that was what “roped me in” to participating in the group program initially. Although a couple pounds were lost after 10 days, so much more was gained. I have learned countless things about preparing and eating pure and healthy “real” food. The idea of not utilizing convenience foods for 10 whole days was daunting to this mom of two young boys who is always on the go. Yes, I did spend a lot more time in the kitchen but I learned that being prepared and setting up in advance made all the difference. The advice, plan, and support that we were given took the sting out of how to eat mindfully and healthfully. In the Level 2 cleanse, Andrea gave all of herself to all of us all of the time. She left no stone unturned and guided us completely with her perfect balance of knowlege and nurturing. Never judgemental, Andrea answered all of our questions in a timely manner. Her patience and caring were evident throughout the entire process and her never ending support was paramount in making this program work so seamlessly. It is obvious that Andrea loves what she does and it shows. I would highly recommend this cleanse program to anyone who wants to learn more about how the foods we eat affect so much of our physical and emotional well being. I’m looking forward to more supportive programs by Spark Wellness and Choosing Raw in the future.
Shawne R.

I participated in the January 2010 Winter Detox with Hadley Seward at Spark! Wellness and had such a wonderful experience! The cleanse packet of instructions was very well laid out so there were no surprises and I knew exactly what to expect. I’ve done cleanses in the past but what made this so successful for me was the daily check-in from Hadley, the journaling questions and the group forum. It was really helpful to touch base with my fellow cleansers and hear everyone else’s challenges, be supported and support others through the process. It’s been two days since the cleanse ended and I have not felt the need to reintroduce any of the foods I have taken out. I feel too good to want alcohol, caffeine, white flour, dairy or sugar in my body! I have so much energy, a clear head and have lost 8 pounds! The program was so easy to follow, very gentle with no feeling of deprivation or hunger. I truly feel I have made lasting changes to my health and wellness.
Diane F.

This cleanse was great. The food choices were excellent. I was not only able to stick to some vegetables I already loved, but also tasted new ones and experimented with new (and easy!) ways of preparing them. I felt fully supported and truly enjoyed this experience. I would definitely participate in it again and recommend it to others!
Lisa B.

The cleanse was a fantastic experience. After the ten days I feel happier, healthier, and more comfortable in my own skin than I have in as long as I can remember. I broke addictions to some unhealthy foods and habits that had crept into my routine and learned to re-proritize healthy treats and indulgences and weight them against the day to day food choices that will help me not only feel but also look better. I lost three pounds during the cleanse and feel amazing. There are some wonderful skills and recipes I learned that I will continue to use long after the cleanse has ended. The forums were very helpful and the support was wonderful. I’m thrilled I participated and look forward to doing this (or possibly another) cleanse in the future. Thanks for a great experience!
Cleanse participant, January 2010

This cleanse was refreshingly easy, fun and superhealthy. I learned some more about good food, nutrition, allergies and found that this way of coaching by Spark! really worked. Every single question was answered and everyone felt really supported. Couldnt have done this without the support forum nor without the perfect supply of information in every way! Thanks! My eating habits surely changed for life!
Fleur S.

This cleanse experience surpassed my expectations! As a result of the guidance and support (not to mention knowledge!) provided by the team, I feel motivated to continue eating well and to sustain this feeling of lightness and energy that I have acquired over the past ten days. The focus on emotional aspects of eating, as well as the physical elements, was so instrumental in my success, and I thank the team for providing such a comprehensive approach to well-being. What a great way to begin the new year!

I really enjoyed the level 3 cleanse with Gena. I saw improvment in my energy, mood and skin. The cleanse was well guided with very well organized information packed, online forum and group calls. I found the online forum was very helpful to see how other members are doing and experiencing. It was great internal cleanse but I also found to be very helpful in looking out my habbits and subconscious behavior.
Gelareh C.

The Spark Wellness cleanse was so fantastic. I felt great after the initial 2 days. The information packet and recipes were super-easy to follow. During the cleanse I had more energy, felt lighter, and slept better. I even lost a bit of weight. I would recommend Level 1 for anyone who is looking for a simple, realistic cleanse. I will definitely incorporate much of what I’ve learned into my ongoing diet.
Whitney B.