Spark’s emotional eating expert Hadley Seward is offering a group phone class to learn how to end your emotional ties to eating and fall back in love with your body. Over the course of five one-hour calls, participants learn discuss what causes emotional eating, how to recognize signs that you’re eating emotionally, and how to deconstruct and decrease cravings. Hadley will help participants ditch the diet mentality and begin to trust themselves around food.

This course is perfect for people who consistently overeat, experience binge eating, or have overwhelming cravings. By the end, participants will have a better sense of why they eat emotionally and develop action steps to eliminate the core causes in their lives.

Calls will be held on monday nights from 8 PM – 9 PM on these dates:  March 1, 15, 29 and April 12, 26. 

Spaces are limited.  Sign up early (by February 15th), and the cost for all sessions is $125.  After the 15th, $150.