As we reach the end of the Spark! + Choosing Raw 10-Day Detox, I want to reflect upon a theme that has come up among the Level 1 cleansers:  loving your body as it is. 

This is a topic that comes up often with my clients, both male and female. I’ve found that we spend so much time fretting about what our body isn’t: we don’t look like the model in the fashion magazine, our arms aren’t as toned, our stomachs aren’t as firm. Take a moment and reflect:  how much of your day is spent worrying about this?  How much of your energy are you expending on something that isn’t?

How would your life change if you accepted–or even loved–your body as it is now? Would you feel happier with your life? Would you have less anxiety? Would you feel brave enough to join a gym and workout regularly without fear of people seeing you in Spandex? Would you feel more comfortable dating or being intimate with your partner? What would your life look like?

This isn’t an easy question to answer and I encourage you to ponder  it for a few days: you’ll be surprised the many things that can come up around this issue.