With cold days upon us, our stay-well regimen can come undone.  It is the end of January already, but we know winter to linger to at least the end of March, and we aren’t always fully invigorated with the rebirth of Spring until April and May.  It’s a long road ahead still, so give yourself a couple of reminders and take advantage of the slower pace of winter.

Some questions to guide you: 
·    Are you eating properly?  Energy needs may be very different in winter. Does your nutritional intake match your output or are you eating for those endless days of summer? Make adjustments to help your body adjust to colder times — think roots and stocks and heavier cooked foods.
·    Are you moving your body? If anything, our bodies need to move more to stay warm, keeping joints and tissue pliable instead of stiff. Take time to warm up and cool down properly, regardless of your activity.
·    What has fallen away? If it made you feel better in summer and fall, it could very well help in winter. Yes, swimming too. Yes running or biking-go for intervals indoors if it’s too cold outside. For sure massages, chiropractic, dancing. 

Did you never have a be-well regimen? Start now. Gyms have great deals this time of year and new classes are always starting.  Try something. If you like it you have something to look forward to for the cold months. If you don’t, try something else, then something else. Be open.

Make a commitment to take time to nourish yourself this winter.