What a delight to already be warm upon arrival to the studio. A flow emerged easily for the group of travelers gathered at Swept Away resort — already relaxed and present, open and receptive.

It’s true that we were sharing a special time away from our hectic lives. We were in Jamaica. But can’t stepping onto the mat be the same regardless of where it is unrolled?

When we unroll our mats to practice, we make a choice to make space to be. This is true regardless of our motivation to do yoga in the first place. Really you can’t help but be present in some asanas-balances and inversions demand attention. But what if your mind drifts off the mat leaving your body to work on its own? Be kind to yourself and simply come back. It doesn’t matter how many times it happens. Yoga is practice in single mindedness and the work is that of a lifetime.

Each time you step onto your mat treat it like the gift that it is — like a vacation to a favorite place. Savor each moment. Be open to the unknown and receptive to all that happens.  Know that by showing up in your own life you have already won a great gift, and also given of yourself to all around.