Ready for a super easy – yet super delicious – roast chicken recipe? I just made this up last week and it is rocking my world!

I had some baby chickens on hand (“poussins,” which are basically cornish game hens) and wanted to go beyond my usual “rubbed with olive oil and sea salt and stuffed with half a lemon” combo (although let me tell you, that’s a simple and tasty way to prepare a bird!). I took a look through my pantry and rifled through the spices a bit before I settled on saffron. Saffron is one of those amazingly delicious and subtle spices that always seems to make food taste a bit more luxurious and a little exotic. It seemed like the perfect thing to spice up a regular ol’ Monday night meal.

Borrowing from suggestions I found from a google search, I took a large pinch of saffron threads and ground it in a mortar and pestle, along with a good dose of sea salt and fresh ground pepper. I didn’t measure, cause I never do when simply rubbing salt and pepper on a chicken. Once I rubbed my spice concoction all over the outside and inside of the chickens, I stuffed them both with half of a fresh lemon. Then I stuck them in my pre-heated 400 deg oven and left them alone until they were ready and roasted! (About 40 minutes in my oven, using the “convection” setting.)

Voila! Easy, scrumptious, beautifully golden, orange-hued chicken that elevated a normal weeknight meal from “really good” to “wow!” I served it alongside simply sauteed kale with garlic and rejoiced with in my new-found recipe. This would easily work well with any kind of chicken parts you have on hand. Enjoy!