Confession: I love coffee.

But I gave up my daily, morning cup about 2 years ago, when I finally realized that instead of enjoying and savoring every sip, I would gulp it down because I had to (to avoid the nasty effects of caffeine withdrawal).  I had wanted to go back to loving my coffee and having it as a treat, because I really love the flavor and the social ritual. These days, I have an espresso on the weekends or on special occasions with my husband or with friends, and truly savor each little sip. And while it’s wonderful to have that tradition back in my life, I admit that on weekday afternoons, I often feel that longing for a rich, hot beverage to reinvigorate me after a busy morning of client appointments and paperwork.

Enter Numi’s Chocolate Puerh tea: my new, favorite afternoon pick-me-up! This stuff has been rocking my world since I discovered it at my local food co-op about a month ago.

Puerh tea has long been known in China as a “medicinal” tea, said to help decrease cholesterol levels and improve fat metabolism. It is a black tea that is double fermented – a method that is thought to create special enzymes that assist the body in creating optimal health. Puerh tea is rich in antioxidants, probiotics, and polyphenols which help the body heal. Lucky for me, Numi takes the Puerh tea leaves and blends them with some delicious rooibos tea, whole vanilla beans, a bit of cocoa powder and cacao nibs, and touches of nutmeg, orange peel, and cinnamon to create a healthy-yet-decadent tea that really hits the spot on these cold winter afternoons.

In addition, Puerh’s bold, deep flavor really appeals to many coffee drinkers who enjoy its malty, earthy taste. So if you’re looking to decrease your caffeine intake (or just want a tasty cup of deliciousness!), try giving this yummy tea a test run for a morning your afternoon treat. And let me know what you think!