You asked, we answered!  Look to these questions we’ve been receiving about our upcoming January cleanse

Q:  I would like to lose some weight over the coming months, and want to be sure that this cleanse does not interfere and cause me to gain weight.  Will I put on weight during this cleanse? 

Answer from Spark!:  While everyone’s body is different and we can’t guarantee weight loss during the cleanse, we can safely say that we haven’t known anyone to gain any weight while on one of these cleanses! Most people lose a couple of pounds of water weight and bloat, and tend to feel lighter and more energized after a cleanse.

This being said, we certainly can’t promise you exact results. Everyone’s body is in a different place and certainly responds differently. But we can guarantee you that if you follow the cleanse as outlined, you will be doing your body and health a favor by avoiding known allergens, reducing your toxicity level, and giving your system a break from hard to digest foods.

Most people who have done our cleanses in the past have reported an increase in energy, boost in their metabolism, relief from digestive issues, and increased motivation in their health post-cleanse. We certainly hope that these results will pertain to you as well. 

Q:  *Must* I take supplements as part of this cleanse, or can I just participate using the whole foods and menus? 

Answer from Spark!:  This particularly pertains to the Level 2 cleanse.  The supplements that will be recommended to go along with the foods in your cleanse menu are provided to assist with further detox during the course of your cleanse.  While the supplements will likely provide your body with extra energy and further cleansing, you certainly do not have to it include them – the foods alone provide sufficient nourishment and the cleanse will still benefit you greatly. 

Q:  I want to sign up now to take advantage of the December special, but I don’t know what level is right for me.  What do I do? 

Answer from Spark!:  If you are still contemplating what level you’d like to use as your guide for this cleanse, but you would like to get the December rate of $50, you can certainly book now to secure your rate, and make your decision closer to the date of the cleanse.  On January 6th, Gena, Andrea and Hadley will be hosting a free teleconference for all participants and interested participants, where your questions about the cleanse will be answered.  You can decide then, but still book your rate now! 

Stay tuned for further FAQs pertaining to the upcoming January cleanse. 
For questions or to join us for the cleanse, e-mail us.