The holidays are here.  What does this mean?  The new year is approaching, of course!  And it will be here before we know it.

Some of you readers may have started to give consideration to your New Year’s resolutions, and among the important items you wish to drill down on might include one of the following:

  • Improve my health
  • Improve my appearance
  • Increase my energy and productivity
  • Eat more responsibily and nutritiously to improve my health, improve my appearance, and increase my energy and productivity
  • Exercise 3 hours per day, 7 days per week for the entire 365 days of 2010 (don’t overshoot now!)

If these resolutions sound familiar to you, you are not alone.  If you have endeavored such resolutions in the past without total success, or just to have them fizzle out after the first few weeks of the new year, you are also not alone.

The new-year’s-resolution reality, which you likely have experienced on a personal level either through your own situation or the situations of those around you, is that they are quickly lost, perhaps due to a lack of focus, committment, and a support group, or a combination of these factors.  Time and time again, year after year, our committment to our health and fitness resolutions die down, often after less than a few weeks into the new year.

If, after careful reflection, or no reflection at all, you have decided that committing to your health resolutions for the New Year is a top priority, and if you are at wits end trying to figure out the most sensible, convenient, supportive and economical way to make it happen this year, consider a structured program and interactive support group to guide you as you start of 2010 on the right foot.

Look no further!

Join three extraordinary health counseling professionals this January to give your body what it needs to start off the new year!  Spark’s own certifiied Holistic Health Counselors Andrea Moss and Hadley Seward have teamed with Gena Hamshaw, a clinical nutritionist and raw food blogger to provide a 3-level, 10-day Detoxification Cleanse, complete with menus and grocery lists, group telephone meetings, and an online forum.

  • Level 1 focuses on gently reducing inflammation in the body caused by hidden food allergies or sensitivities, as well as discovering what foods each person’s body does not tolerate well. By the end, participants will have more energy, feel lighter, and have a deeper understanding of how food affects their bodies. This cleanse is designed for those who have never done a detox before or who currently eat a diet high in meat, dairy, sugar, processed foods, and/or caffeine.
  • Level 2 takes cleasning one step further to help you reboot your metabolism by detoxing from common allergens and addictive foods, while adding several supplements along the way to help support your body for a deeper cleanse..  Participants will boost energy levels and reduce toxic internal inlammation by taking a break from foods that are difficult for our systems to digest.  This is a great cleanse for those who already eat a moderately healthy diet and are ready to take their wellness, energy levels and metabolism to the next level.
  • Level 3 focuses on restoring the body’s alkalinity, in enhancing elimination and digestive health, and on awakening stored toxins with raw, plant based foods and vegetable juice. It will be a user-friendly introduction to raw foods and how to implement them. Participants can opt for either a high-raw or a semi-raw, all vegan protocol. This is a perfect cleanse for those who have some familiarity with an all plant-based diet, but who are seeking to enhance digestive health and break lingering addictions to processed foods and animal products. It’s also a perfect option for those who have dabbled in raw foods and juicing, but need some guidance in maintaining consistency into 2010.

The benefits you realize from a cleanse are plentiful, and it will provide you, your mind, and your body with a the ideal jump-start to improving your health through a cleansed system, improved digestion, improved clarity of mind, and so much more.

The cleanse will last from January 18-27.  All three practitioners will jointly host a free teleclass on the benefits of a cleanse, as well as details of the program, on January 6 at 8 PM.

The cleanse and kick-off teleclass do not start until January 18 – but fear not!  You can still start 2010 with a conscious, deliberate effort toward detoxification, cleansing and a refocus on your wellness and health by starting off with the pre-tox instructions, which will be provided to you one week before the start of the cleanse.

Then, come January 18, when the first group meeting takes place by phone (and when your resoultions would have normally fizzed out already), you will have the perfect opportunity and source of support to refocus, renergize, and transform as you move toward your health and fitness goals.

Regular cost is $60.
Those who sign up before 12/31 receive $10 off.
If you sign up with a friend, you each receive $5 off.
Bloggers who participate and promote on their blog receive $10 off.
Holistic Health practitioners receive $10 off.


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To register for this cleanse or for more information, contact us