Stumped about what to get your health-conscious loved one this holiday season? Below are a few of my favorites…

Spice Set From Penzey’s. The easiest way to add lots of flavor to whole grains and vegetables is spices! Penzey’s has tons of great gift sets for your favorite cook. Make sure you check out the 12-Spice Starter Set, Flavors of Asia, and Taste of Mexico.

Reebok Easy Tone Shoes. The newest craze for walkers of the world, these shoes promise to give your legs a workout while you walk.

FoodTee. Everyone seems to be talking about these creative, clever t-shirts and canvas bags. (My favorite it “Stalker’)

Whole Foods Gift Card.  Maybe not the most exciting gift, but definitely the most useful. I got one last year and it enabled me to buy a healthy lunch on the days I didn’t have time to bring my own.