Canned tuna used to be my go-to impromptu lunch of choice when I was looking for something quick, tasty, and healthy. It was a cinch to make lunch in a hurry by mixing the tuna into whatever I had on hand: chopped veggies, canned beans, leftover grains, eggs, etc. But concerns over mercury contamination and over-fishing of the species has caused me to take pause when grabbing for those tuna cans in my closet.

The good news is that I’ve recently discovered some delicious, healthy alternatives that are both gentler on the environment and on my own body. Tins of sardines, mackerel, and rainbow trout have gone upscale over the past couple of years. You can now find fancy (yet relatively inexpensive), scrumptious cans of those fishes in your grocery or health food store. Unlike tuna, these fish don’t have the same mercury or overfished risks, and they’re all packed with Omega-3 fatty acids. And they’re also just as delicious as tuna. Use them the same way you would tuna — mixed with other chopped vegetables or thrown into a salad or sandwich.

My current fave? Coles Trout. I love their mackerel and trout (I prefer the plain, olive-oil-and-sea-salt-varieties but those of you who are feeling adventurous can try their fishes packed in different sauces).

For some more information on “guilt-free” fish to eat, check out this New York Times guide:

New York Times Guide to Guilt-Free Fish