Congestion:  what does it mean?  Does it mean a fullness in your nose and chest? Does it mean much more?

This time of year I see many clients who are congested, both in terms of illness – their heads and lungs are full of gunk – and in terms of their commitments.  

What can you do to clear the congestion?

For the physical:

Congestion can be alleviated with the use of a neti pot or a simple saline solution cleanse of the sinuses. Gently drawing the warm liquid into the nose and letting it clean you out can dilute secretions and make them easier to pass. 

Neti Pot Purple

Try a steam at your local gym, Turkish or Russian bath (see my forthcoming blog for my Spa Day experience), or do it yourself at home.  Run hot water into a sink, and be sure to stop the drain. Cover your head with a towel and breathe in the steam.  Follow with a saline nasal rinse. 

For the harder stuff, the congestion in your committments:

What’s stopping you up?  Do you feel stuck in the muck?  Why? 

Those you love will understand if you need to say no.  They will.  If they love you.  And they do.  You may even help them to clear space for themselves.  

Is there some unfulfilled wish for the year?  Look at it – can you take steps towards its fulfillment as a final push of joy to close out the year? Is it such a good goal that it deserves a whole new year to fulfill?  Or was it a goal made at a specific time, in a specific place that no longer exists? 

Congestion – getting stopped up – can be fixed. Take a step. Even a little one helps.

I helped to relieve my own end-of-year congestion by taking the time to write this entry. 

What can you do to get things moving today?