Coconut water was the world’s first “Gatorade,” before we got tricked into thinking that sugary “energy” drinks were the only way to go to replenish after intense physical activity. Coconut water is naturally filed with electrolytes – the same compounds that Gatorade and other sports drinks advertise get you hydrated and re-energized after a tough workout (or after a tough hangover…). It’s a superfood filled with essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and nutrients to keep us energized. But unlike commercial sports drinks, coconut water is low in sugar and high in nutrients.

In addition, coconut water can improve digestion by helping our intestines function properly. It’s powerful nutrients also help give us glowing skin. And one of coconut water’s biggest health benefits: it’s been found to help lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

While coconut water contains lauric acid (a naturally fatty acid found in mother’s milk that helps keep things running properly in our intestinal system), it’s actually naturally low in fat and low in calories. These days, I’m seeing coconut water popping up everywhere: at my local bodega, in supermarkets, and of course most health food stores. It’s a delicious beverage that’s best when chilled. And since it comes in a tetra-pak, it has a really long shelf life. Just be sure you’re buying pure coconut water –  no sugar or additives thrown in – for the biggest health benefits.